Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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You will like these amazing pictures of acoustic guitar.
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The Takamine guitar saga continues. I played the Tak through my little Roland 60 acoustic amp last evening at my sister's-in-law birthday party and had *horrible* feedback problems at even moderate volume level. Very disappointing. So I went to a few music stores today and played a few nylon electrics amplified. A Yamaha, and a Washburn--nice, but also very feedback prone. The least feedback prone and most well-balanced amplified sound came from 2 La Patries I played. La Patrie is the classical guitar division of Godin and Seagull guitars (parent company La Si Do up in Canada). My Godin nylon electric is absolutely the best, most balanced sounding nylon electric I've ever played--which is why it was my main gigging guitar for many years--but I became dissatisfied with it first because of its weight (kind of heavy because it's actually a chambered solid body) and a somewhat one-dimensional sound. Not unpleasant by any account, just not as complex as a true acoustic guitar such as the Takamine. So, once again torn as to what to do. Have *another* new pickup installed in the Tak, or buy a different guitar that I know will sound good (but will be more expensive than a pickup)?

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