Saturday, September 29, 2012

0 batman arkham

You will love these pictures of batman arkham.
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Here is a list of our inventory,
4 Rochelle goyle
2 abbey bominable
2 operetta
2 nefera de Nile
2 Jackson Jekyll "rare doll"
3 Frankie stein
3 clawdeen wolf
3 draculara
3 bttf 3 delorians
4 halo reach jun figures
3 halo reach Emile figures
3 batman Arkham asylum armored batman figures
2 batman Arkham asylum Harley Quinn figures
3 halo spartan mark v figures

We just need to sell them all, all 38 items $250. We had to buy a car and we need the $, so if anyone can use them, sell them or knows anyone that can, please send me a message. We r selling them way below cost.

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